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ASBU Arabic Preparatory Program is a one-year compulsory language education program prepared for students who have earned the right to study in the Faculty of Islamic Studies Divinity Programme, one of the main faculties of our university.

ASBU Arabic Preparatory Programme aims to prepare students for higher education in terms of language proficiency in line with the objectives of the university in general and the faculty in particular. ASBU's social sciences-oriented and the Faculty of Islamic Studies’ effort to understand, explain and construct religious studies makes it necessary to accept the Arabic Language as one of the most important pillars of this effort with its vertical historical richness and horizontal residual prevalence.

The program is the basic phase of Arabic learning and teaching that will continue throughout the faculty syllabus. To bring students together with all aspects of the Arabic Language with a teaching program of approximately 850-900 hours in a year; It tries to make the language accessible as a whole based on the basic language skills of comprehension/speaking and writing. 4 to 6 hours of the weekly program relates to the theoretical integrity of the language; The 22 to 24-hour period, however, is based on the practical reflections of this theoretical structure. The program starts with a placement and proficiency exam at the beginning of the academic year, presents the curriculum with active/interactive teaching methods in a structure that progresses in classes suitable for various levels, and brings students to the brink of a long journey by evaluating what they have added. It prepares students, step by step, for the intensive work of higher education thanks to its gradual method.

The Arabic Preparatory Programme is aware of its mission to provide a solid foundation and to be constantly active in the entire structure. Also, it’s aware that a productive and original/reinforcing learning experience is possible with a love of labour/effort spread throughout life, and hopes to make a small contribution to this encompassing humanitarian action.

* The Arabic Preparatory School offers our students a 1-year Arabic program shaped as 4 modules.


1st module

1-8. weeks


2nd module

9-16. weeks


3rd module

17-24. weeks


4th module

25-32 weeks


During the four modules, according to their language levels, our students study the following stages: Elementary-1 and Elementary-2, Pre-intermediate and intermediate, advanced and upper-advanced.

Each module lasts 8 weeks. Students who are entitled to take the end-of-term exam as a result of their intra-period evaluations are promoted to the next level if they are successful.

The successful evaluation of our students is made in versatile ways. (Internal assignments, quizzes, mid-term exams, and end-of-term exams)

Students who take the Arabic proficiency exam and score 75 and above are eligible to enrol in the relevant faculty. The Arabic proficiency exam is held three times a year, at the beginning, mid-term, and end of the academic year.

Our program and curriculum


Our Academic Staff:


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Kilay Araz

Assist. Prof. Dr. Luay Hatem Yaqoob

Assist. Prof. Dr. Rami İbrahim Mahmut

Lect. Murat Kayalik