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First-Time Arrivals

Considerations to be taken into account in the entry-exit procedures to the country

•             The same travel document must be used when entering and leaving the country. If you entered with an identity card, you must make your exit transactions with an identity card. If you entered with a passport, you must give your passport to the police on your way out.

•             The travel document must not have expired upon entry into the country.

•             He can leave his country with an expired travel document.

•             It is a crime to make another person use a travel document.

•             Students who come with a student admission certificate are required to start the registration process at the university within the period given upon entry to the country.

•             Visa penalties are not applied to persons who certify that their student life is continuing (student certificate, student permit).

•             Students who have been dismissed or graduated from the school can leave abroad without a visa penalty within 2 months from the date of their diploma or the date of termination of their relationship with the school.




I have lost my passport or identity document, what should I do?

•             First of all, you should go to the nearest police station and get a police report.

•             You can go abroad by applying to the Immigration Office together with the police report and getting a travel document.

•             If the person who filed the missing person application has another valid travel document, they can exit the country.




How to get a student permit?

•             Since our university is located in Nicosia, students can get it by applying to the Directorate of Immigration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Labor.

•             Registration to the university is required within the entry period given upon entry to the country.

•             The student permit seal period is applied to the valid passport.




What documents should I take with the application?

•             Photocopy of passport,

•             Entry-exit breakdown from the police,

•             Student certificate stating that he/she is continuing his/her education at the university,

•             A copy of the title deed of the residence where he/she resides / a sales contract or a lease agreement. Official letter from the university stating that he stays in the dormitory if he stays in the university dormitory,

•             Form (given at the point of application) and stamp stamp,

•             The Directorate of the Immigration Department refers the student to health

•             A receipt to the tax office stating that the amount of the fee has been deposited.




Conditions for obtaining a student work permit

•             You will have a valid student permit in your passport.

•             The workplace where he will work will not have a problem with the state (tax, etc.).

•             It will not be possible to work in entertainment places such as nightclubs, pubs, casinos.The student's work permit application will be initiated by the employer.

•             A salary equal to half of the minimum wage is taken.

•             The job he will do should not disrupt his education.

•             The study seal to be struck cannot be later than the student leave period, i.e. September 30.

Note: A person who has completed his/her studies can convert his/her Student Work Permit into a work permit without going abroad.




Mom, dad will stay with me, what should I do for them?

•             You can arrange for your first degree relatives to stay with you by obtaining a visitor permit.




Where should I apply?

•             An application is made to the District Police Directorate or the Immigration Authority in the region of residence.

•             The visitor permit seal is obtained from the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Interior and Labor.




What documents are required?

•             Original and photocopy of passport,

•             The student certificate or the original and photocopy of the student emigration permit,

•             T. C. example of population registration for nationals,

•             Form and stamp stamp

Note: The person who makes the application is referred to health. After receiving the health report, he goes to the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Labor and receives the visitor's permit seal.




I need a country entry-exit breakdown, where and how do I get it?

•             Applications can be made to immigration authorities affiliated to all District Police Directorates.

•             Stamp stamp

•             Presentation of ID or passport

•             If another person's entry - exit document is to be obtained, power of attorney (Original)




Phone: The TRNC phone codes are +90 or 0090. The +392 code is used for landlines.




Public Transportation: One of the public transportation methods that you can use for daily transportation is full. You can use these vehicles from the terminals at your location or from points on the route.




Postal Code: For mail from abroad, the postal code ‘99010” must be added to the end of the address. For example: ”Phone Number, First Name-Last name, street name, door number, region name, Nicosia, TRNC, 99010".




Emergency Numbers

•             Police:155

•             Ambulance:112

•             Fire Department:199

•             Forest Fire: 177





•             Dr. Burhan Nalbantoglu Hospital- Nicosia 0392 228 54 41-223 24 41

•             Kolan British Hospital-Mityeli 0392 680 80 80

•             Ethics Hospital-Nicosia 0392 223 46 94

•             Dr. Akçiçek State Hospital- Kyrenia 0392 815 22 66

•             Famagusta State Hospital 0392 366 28 76-366 53 28

•             Cengiz Topel State Hospital- Lefke 0392 723 63 29-723 63 51

•             Kyrenia Military Hospital 0392 815 55 52