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Ankara Social Sciences University (ASBU) was established in 2013 in Ankara, the capital of the Republic of Turkey, as a specialization university in the field of social sciences. ASBU, Turkey's first and only university in its field, continues its education activities at world standards with its faculties, institutes and research centers in different disciplines of social sciences, and its strong and experienced teaching staff.


ASBÜ aims to produce original and objective information on administrative, political, social, commercial and industrial issues, to present the information it produces to the service of the public, private sector and non-governmental organizations, and to bring a unique perspective to the field of social sciences in Turkey, in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in 2020. It has started to offer its knowledge and experience to its students with the campus it opened in Istanbul.

The main goal of ASBU TRNC is to produce innovative solutions to problems in different areas in our society by producing objective and original information at the local level by taking advantage of this information, instead of transferring the information produced in the world with small contributions; To train well-equipped and competent experts to ensure this.


With an interdisciplinary approach, based on research and analysis, and focusing on current issues, ASBU TRNC is a state university that continues its activities with an understanding that respects the national and spiritual values ​​of the society and is sensitive to the social environment. Acting entirely with academic concerns and having the highest scholarship rate in Northern Cyprus, ASBU TRNC aims to contribute and provide quality to the higher education of Northern Cyprus with its experienced Turkish and foreign faculty staff and the strong administrative and academic support of the Ankara central campus.


Our campus, located in a large and spacious environment between Ercan Airport and Nicosia, has many student communities, a decent library, canteen, free shuttles providing transportation to Nicosia every hour, social and cultural events, frequently held conferences, panels, symposiums, etc. It has an environment where students can have a pleasant time with its academic activities.



                                                                                                                                                         Prof. Dr. Enver ARPA

                                                                                                                                                          ASBU TRNC Rector