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•             Ankara Social Sciences University Northern Cyprus Campus (ASBU),

•             research-oriented,

•             graduate-oriented,

•             attaches importance to international cooperation,

•             giving priority to research on current issues,

•             the area of interest surrounds the whole world,

•             Taking a leading role in the development of the research climate in the field of social sciences in Turkey,

•             it has a rich library,

•             multilingual, multicultural,

•             based on an interdisciplinary approach,

•             contributing to the transformation of the environment in which it is located,

•             it is a state university.


The First and Only State University of Turkey and the TRNC in the Field of Social Sciences

ASBU was established in 2013 in the center of the capital with the aim of pioneering research in the field of social sciences, it is the first and only state university in Turkey. ASBU aims to assume an active role not only in Turkey but also at the international level with its research and undergraduate and postgraduate programs. A large number of research and application centers operate within ASBU for this purpose. Within this framework, ASBU Northern Cyprus Campus started its educational activities in the 2019-2020 academic year.


Research University

Research at ASBU does not carry the understanding of transferring the knowledge produced in the West with small contributions; it is based on the production of knowledge that will contribute to the production of original solutions for social, human, administrative, political, commercial and industrial problems experienced at the local level. For this reason, as in the leading research universities in the world, ASBU also works with a structure focused on research centers.


Deconstructive Approach

ASBU undergraduate programs are designed based on an interdisciplinary approach in a way that allows our students to be aware of the studies in different disciplines. Decatur University undergraduate programs are designed on the basis of interdisciplinary approach. Our undergraduate programs allow students to take courses from different departments with a rich pool of elective courses and thus deepen and work in their own fields of interest.


The Possibility of Learning Multiple Languages

ASBU, which attaches importance to multilingualism in education, provides opportunities for our students to improve their language skills. In this context, it offers a quality language education to its students with expert, domestic and foreign teaching staff. English Turkish is the language of instruction in all of our programs. ASBU students are not only able to learn English well, but are especially supported in learning a second foreign language.


Interactive Education in Low-Availability Classrooms

It is aimed to develop the skills of our students such as public speaking, creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and leadership at our university, which provides the opportunity for one-on-one communication and interaction with the teaching staff in the few classes available. The course contents, which offer historical and theoretical perspectives, give our students the opportunity to analyze current events effectively. For our students who want to pursue their scientific curiosity and improve their interdisciplinary study skills, the opportunity to choose courses in a wide range of disciplines is also offered.


Strong and Well-Equipped Academic Staff

There is an equipped academic staff at our university who have received their postgraduate degrees from distinguished universities at home and abroad and carry out international scientific projects. ASBU, which acts very selectively when creating its academic staff, takes international standards as a basis for recruitment and evaluation processes. In this way, it has brought together internationally qualified, Decently equipped and experienced academicians who carry out original projects and researches in different fields.


Active Studentship

At ASBU, students are seen as an active participant in the learning process. Our goal is to provide our students with access to accurate information, to be equipped with the skills of passing information through critical and analytical filters, interpreting and analyzing it, using it within the framework of current issues and discussions. Education at ASBU is not limited to theoretical knowledge only. Our students are encouraged to take on tasks and responsibilities in projects, and they are supported to learn research processes practically.


Extra-Curricular Program

Our university also offers extra-curricular programs to ensure that our students can develop their extracurricular abilities, make better use of their free time and participate in social activities.


A University that Brings Education and Research Together with Society

ASBU has a rare position that can bring education and academic research together with the society in cooperation with the institutions that guide the country's policies. ASBU was founded with the idea that the main task of a university institution is beyond education and research activities. Aiming to create a university understanding that is intertwined with society and can be shaped according to the needs of society, our university constructs both educational and research activities with an innovative approach on the axis of social benefit.