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The studies and activities carried out within the ASBU Activity Center provide opportunities for students to conduct social and cultural activities in various branches of art. In the modern era, universities can become stronger and more effective thanks to their academic activities, as well as the activities they carry out with non-university stakeholders through the ties they have established within the university and with many relevant segments of society. Taking this into account, the structure and importance of student clubs will be better understood. In this sense, Ankara University of Social Sciences Northern Cyprus stands out both in terms of the number of clubs and the variety and quantity of activities of clubs.

Our clubs continue to work within the framework of certain areas. These studies can be considered as scientific research, human discipline activities, literature, language, technology, culture, art, professional fields and, of course, social responsibility studies. Our students demand the opening of new areas and places where they will be engaged in art and culture, and they strive to be even more active. As the Activity Center of ASBU, it contributes to the hall, equipment and materials, financial support, transportation and similar issues for our students to be able to do art and cultural activities.

Students Discover Their Creativity Through Clubs

Student clubs provide students with achievements in many areas by bringing together and socializing students with common interests and developing the ability to learn as a team. Dec. Students who are preparing for tomorrow with the activities carried out according to the Student Clubs Directive, develop their skills by working in partnership with institutional structures and non-governmental organizations within the university. Students participating in the club activity learn solidarity, social benefits and values by living. Our students who have the opportunity to socialize as members of clubs; in addition to developing negotiation, leadership, problem solving and similar aspects, they gain resource and process planning skills, team spirit and team learning skills. Thanks to international events, he meets people from different societies and cultures, and also discovers their creativity and chooses hobbies and activities that are suitable for them in the field of culture, art and sports.

ASBU's student clubs cover a very wide range. In addition to the clubs in the fields of art, sports and science, there are also clubs that produce social responsibility projects based on volunteering, are oriented towards academic research, are focused on social activities and cater only to hobby-entertainment-playgrounds.

There are 22 Clubs within the ASBU Activity Center

Joining a club is the fastest way to adapt to the campus. You can make lifelong friendships by meeting new people in ASBU's student clubs. We wish the best for you as you discover new friendships and ways to adapt. Our ASBU students can become members of the club they want or take an active role in the establishment of a club they want within the framework of the procedures. The clubs carry out many social and cultural activities in dialogue with each other.


Our Clubs

  • English Club
  • Research and Development Club
  • Turkic World Club
  • Law Club
  • Young Leaders Club
  • Arabic Language Club
  • Science Wisdom and Values Club
  • Red Crescent Club
  • Theological Club
  • Private Education Club
  • Psychology Club
  • Theatre Club
  • International Entrepreneurship Club
  • Academy of Thought Club
  • Guidance and Psychological Counseling Club
  • Environmental Club
  • Turkish Club
  • Music Club
  • Ultraslan Club
  • Young Fenerbahçe Club
  • Çarşı Club
  • International Trade and Logistics Club