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About the Program

Master of Arts in Basic Islamic Sciences, with the disciplines in it, will provide an opportunity to analize the fourteen century old Islam religion and culture heritage regarding beliefs, praying, law and morals with an academic perspective, on the grounds of the main sources of Islam. With the help of this program, a chance to address Basic Islamic Sciences as a research area and to research with a scientific perspectiveion the mutual relationship of the religion with person, society, culture and ethic will be given.

With the Basic Islamic Sciences Department, making scientific studies on both historical and actuel, and theoretical and practical areas, so that to contribute to increase the number of academic studies in specific in our university and in general in our country is aimed. Basic Islamic Sciences department is waiting for the researchers with their study subjects on untouched areas. The leading of these areas are fiqh and kalam. In this context, with the therotical and practical studies in the areas of Arabian Language, Fiqh, Tafsir, Hadith, Kalam, Sufism and History of Renominations, correct understanding and learning Islam from the basic sources and Turkish culture, Islamic culture and universal culture, local and universal academic knowledge will be contributed. In this way, we will pave the way for the solutions of the prominent problems on the relationships between religion and person, society, law, culture, education, politics, economy and arts.

We need Master of arts programmes on Basic Islamic Sciences to increase collaboration both in Turkey and out of Turkey (in Arabian countries and Europe) on Islamic Sciences areas, to be able to join Farabi, Erasmus programmes and common programs as part of AB. The areas like Fıqh, Tafsir, Hadith, Arabian Language and Rhetoric, History of Renominations are closely associated with the teology faculties in Arabian Countries and teology and orientalism societies in Europe. Consequently, Master of Arts Program in Basic Islamic Studies, which includes the mentioned areas, will pave the way to increase the relationship with the Arabian countries and Europian Universities and to carry out student and teacher Exchange programs.

In paralel with the increasing population of our country, qualified staff need in the related areas also increases. Increasing number of Quran courses, mosques, schools and classrooms causes an increase in the need for people who work in these institutions. With this program, we are aiming to help the people working in the mentioned areas to become more qualifed.